The Facts:

– You are our spunky little lady.  You sometimes get a wild hair and do things like run out into the parking lot.  You also have the most amazing facial expressions.

– Your logic and reasoning amazes me at times.  You are constantly processing things, asking questions, and even able to come up with compromises on your own.


– You have been completely potty trained for about 6 months now.  You rocked it and took no time at all! You are even able to get out of your bed at night and go potty all by yourself when needed. (We are currently working on getting you to remember to turn off the lights afterwards.)


– You recently got an Amazon Dot in your room and repeatedly fall asleep to the Nora Jones album “Feels Like Home.”

– You have moved into the Preschool classroom at Primrose and even have Ms. Agee, one of your sister’s favorite teachers.  You have started practicing writing your name and it is adorable.


– You started swim lessons a few month ago and are loving it.

– You are such a great sister to both Bryn and Ryker! You share your toys and often run to grab Ryker a “chewy” at the first sign of him starting to bite. Smile

– You love to be a helper and will often get upset if someone else steps in to do a job that you were asked to help with.


Zella Lou, you make our life so much more interesting.  Your giggle and love for life are so contagious.  We love you so very, very much!