17th January 2021.

Yes, I’m Thankful

This morning, while wasting time looking at Facebook, I came  across, Astrid’s Ten Things of Thankful, which she had difficulty posting on the link. Reading it brought to mind that, although I haven’t recently expressed it, I am, myself,  thankful for many things. Yes, there are many blessings in my life. So, here are some.

1. For life itself,  every breath that I take, reminding me that my death will come soon enough, but just now I have some more living to do and I’d better get on with it.  I thank God that for bringing more life into the world through me. I’m thankful that my dear husband was part of that. All those beautiful souls who are our children and grandchildren. 

2. My birthday this week, even in Lockdown was a lovely celebration. I’m thankful for family and friends that made me feel special. A family zoom party with my grandchildren reading favourite poems and bringing news, one even baking a cake, but eating it herself because she can’t visit, all brought tears to my eyes – in a good way. A friend who dropped in flowers, another who delivered a bottle of Baileys, a daughter who brought plants and a bottle of Riocca, a son who got me a bar of chocolate,  multiple phone messages, singing in the Writers Hour zoom session and again at Open Mic- so much love out there for me. Incredible.

3. I’m thankful that I’ve written so much of the memoir. Editing now. It’ll take a while but, most things are on the page. I never thought I’d get this far. Hopefully , it will actually get finished. 

4. And for finding and working with The London Writers Salon I am hugely thankful. Writing with the group everyday has given me purpose during this time of Pandemic. Doing the Artists Way with some fellow writes from the Writers Hour has been life changing in many ways, giving me especially the courage to own, use and be proud of my own words. It’s been a brilliant journey and I’ve made wonderful friendships, that I hope to keep. 

5. For the wonderful privilege of living by the coast, with chances to listen to the sound of waves, rhythmically performing their work hour after hour, day after day, never the same, creating stories , pictures, building dreams . Listening, you will hear of distant shores, every drop in the ocean with it’s tale to tale as it makes it’s way around the earth.  Coming away, behind the coastguard hut, the sudden silence embraces you. Silence has many shapes . Sometimes, it’s rocky and hard and You might try to avoid it, another time it’s soft, comfortable and you want to hug it. But the silence behind the shed is surprising in it’s empty vastness.

6. I’m thankful  for my new pile of books. Not easy to spend the money on me, courage was needed and called on and came . I now have seven books waiting . Better than having no books to look forward to. At any time now, I’ll be able to find something to keep me occupied. Love my books. Maybe I am a booky  type after all.

7. I’m thankful for my fountain pen, which I love and which I have found a new cartridge convertor for. Are you thinking what is a cartridge convertor? I had the same thought. But it’s quite magical. Instead of buying cartridges, now I will have a bottle of ink and fill up the convertor. Much more efficient – apparently. I’ll let you know on that one.

8. And for feeling that there is hope. Yes, I am thankful that I can see hope for a different future. But hope is of the moment and I don’t look to far ahead. Each hour, each day brings it’s own dose of hope and I grab it ride with it.

9. This week I cleaned the bathrooms. They are both shiny and clean, which makes me happy. And when the bathrooms are clean it means I’m avoiding some other work I need to get on with. It’s good to be under pressure sometimes. At least the housework gets done.

10. And have I said it already , that words can’t contain the thankfulness I have for my hubby and all my family. A gift indeed, a blessing.

Well I didn’t think I’d get to ten things, but there you go.