Where Is God in All This? Prophetic Word from God


The first few days of October,  in preparation for a message I was to bring to the Huntington Beach Women’s Aglow Lighthouse, I sought the Lord for a  fresh word. What He gave me was powerful and when presented on October 6th, the Holy Spirit had clearly arrested the hearts and minds of those attending. It was one of the most impactful messages I’ve ever had the privilege to present. Wanting God’s word to be available to you, I have recrafted it into two parts to be presented on my podcast, and offer some highlights here.

Here is the word I heard. Please read it with a discerning heart and mind to determine if it resonates in your spirit for you to act upon.

Break the Curse! Arise and Shine for this is the Day—this is the Time. I am calling you out and I am calling you forth. I am speaking to the new spirit I put in you the day you genuinely called out to Me. Listen to Me with your new spirit. Cast off the old man and the mindset of your natural man. When you operate from your natural self, your old nature, you are cooperating with the devil. It is the devil who seeks to keep you down, fearful immobile and ineffective. I am calling you up to a much higher place than you’ve ever known. Arise My daughters! Now is the time of the Esther anointing. Arise My sons! Now is the time for the Mordecai Anointing.

Listen to Me with Your new spirit. Close your eyes and focus your mind on Me. I am Jesus the One who has fully demonstrated My love for you. I gave My life for you. My life now lives within you. You are no longer your own. You’ve been bought with a price. You’ve been bought with My very own blood. My love for you is holy, pure and unending. You have not properly kept your focus on Me. You have allowed your focus to be on what the enemy is doing instead of what I have done.

What I have done has already completely and utterly defeated the enemy. You must not fear. When you allow fear into your soul, you give the enemy power. Look only to Me. Look at what I have already done. What I have done has eternal impact on all things. Eternal impact means power over the past, power over the present, and power over the future. There is nothing the enemy can do to harm you, unless you give him leeway. The enemy has no power over you, unless you focus on him. Choose, willingly choose, deliberately choose, with all your strength to turn your focus on Me and to maintain your focus on Me, regardless of circumstances.

I am the Light of the World. It is My light through you that dispels darkness, that exposes evil and corruption wherever it exists. I have been shining My light on evil and corruption this year like never before in your lifetime. I am calling you forth to be My beacons of light in this dark and dying world. Too many of My people have been in hiding. Some have been hiding because of fear of the enemy and the havoc he’s wrecked on this world. Some have been hiding in preference for the allures of this world and focus on themselves and satisfying their own desires. Others have been in hiding because they are deceived and don’t properly know about Me. I am calling all of you out. All of you who belong to Me, I am calling you out now. I am calling you to come forth—walk in to the light and to be the light!

It is in the light where you will see clearly. It is My light that will purify you. It is in My light that you are completely safe. It is from My light that you must now operate, My sons and daughters. This is the Day—this is the Time I am calling you out, and I am calling you forth.

Clearly the Lord is asking you, is asking us all, to hear Him, to step into His light and to be prepared to operate in the victory He has already secured for us.

Based on that Word from the Lord then, this article will explore and help us embrace the Esther/Mordecai Anointing.

What is the Esther/Mordechai Anointing? It is a keen sense of discernment of the times, and personal willingness to risk ourselves for the sake of others, all for the glory of God. It is an unwavering recognition that you have been born for such a time as this and God is relying on you to fulfill your calling. If you have not read the story of Esther in the Old Testament in a while, please consider reading it before you read more of this article.

The book of Esther emphasizes the sovereignty of God, and how in His sovereignty He seeks to partner with His people to accomplish His will. It reveals the importance of His people remaining in close intimate communication with Him to discern the actions He wants us to take.

Just like Mordecai offended Haman, resulting in Haman plotting to annihilate the entire Jewish race, the mere existence of Christians today has offended many in the secular culture who seek to “do away” with us and all we stand for. The enemy of God and those who do his bidding, have placed a curse on us, and openly work to render us entirely non-essential, and strip us of our constitutional rights. While God’s people today are crying out “Where is God in all this?” God is responding “Where are My people?” Clearly, the Lord reveals we have been wrongly influenced by fear, which only empowers the enemy of God. Instead, God is asking us to adjust our focus and gain confidence based on what He has already done to defeat the enemy. God is asking us to stand up, stand strong, stand courageous with the confidence of all He has already done. God is asking Christians today to partner with Him to cause the enemy to retreat and properly establish God’s light as the ruling standard.

With the wisdom of Mordecai understanding the severity of the times, and the courage of Esther to expose the truth regardless of the risk, so too must we respond to our current times. We have each one been born for such as time as this. God is looking for those who will willingly partner with Him to see His victory realized. I ask, will this be you?

When the Holy Spirit wants to get the attention of God’s people, He often inspires the same message or focus in a variety of ways. In the days following my presentation on October 6th, I have read and heard of many others emphasizing the Esther and Mordecai anointing. Today, October 12, 2020 a post from Christy Johnston was published which is highly consistent with what the Holy Spirit gave me. To learn more of what the Holy Spirit is saying to us read Christy’s post here.

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