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I am a woman

I am a woman; my existence is a wonder to many. Loved and cherished by a perfect Father, I am the heartbeat of humanity.   Specially crafted out of a man’s sleep, I am the beauty of life. Not made from dust like the man, I am the difference you see. Not made from spoken words like other creatures, I am the aftermath of purpose.   Perfectly made, I am the result of a finished product.

From Eden till today, the world continues to witness my prowess.  My handwork metamorphoses throughout the ages. I have built and destroyed, I have made and marred. I have raised and brought down. With delicate steps, insurmountable gaits and wits beyond comprehension, I have re-written histories.

Extremely shocked to receive the promise of a child at old age, I   laughed at the angel, yet strong and resilient, I would never be forgotten as the mother of many nations and entertainer of angels.

In an age when the patriarchal system was at its peak, I doubled as a Prophetess and a Judge. When the strongest of men were unable to battle the enemies of Israel, with the help of another woman, we became God’s instrument in prevailing against the Canaanites.

I might have slept with men for money or probably for the fun of it, yet, the worse of me spared the breath of many. Oh! The scarlet thread, hung at the window, the saving grace of my family and the spies!

I have followed my mother-in-law to a strange land, found favor in the sight of a respectable man, and paved way for Grandmother Naomi’s status in the Lord Jesus Christ.

I came forth as the winner of the first beauty pageant to be organized by man. Just one night with the king, I was elevated to the exalted position of a queen. From obscurity, I gained opulence and my position prevented the genocidal attack on my race.

I am a woman; an entire chapter was used to describe my outstanding qualities. Simply amazed by my skills, I was the subject of a prophecy from a mother to her son a king.

Foolish as my husband was, yes! Foolish for that is his name, I became a symbol of peace, and the greatest king of Israel didn’t think it twice to make me his bride.

Betrothed to my fiancé, I was not afraid of being criticized or killed when I assented to being a vessel for the son of Man to dwell amongst men.

I  have raised thirteen children in the fear of the Lord, the protestant movement in the world would not be complete without mentioning two of my children “The Wesley brothers” the pioneers of this movement.

Battered, abused and broken, I have continued to minister to the needs of the church and with my husband by my side; I have spoken healing to millions of broken individual’s world over.

  I might have lived in darkness all my life but my hymns would continue to point others to the glorious light of the gospel. Blind as I may be, you would never sing my hymns without receiving light.

We have fought slavery, not with knives, guns or arms, not even with the pen but with brave deeds that the annals of history have not forgotten.

Whether it is in;

The propriety of Susannah Wesley

The courage of Queen Esther

The perseverance of Ruth

The faith of Deborah

The importunity of Hannah

The kindness of Phoebe

The dedication of Priscilla

The zeal of Lydia

The faithfulness of Lois and Eunice

The wisdom of Mary

The determination of the woman with the issue of blood

The commitment of Philip daughters

I have imprinted my marks on the sands of time

I am a woman – delectable and legendary!

Modern Female Heroes Needed for Battle

The guard slapped her across the face and yelled, “keep moving!” Her tiny frame and malnourished figure stumbled forward.

On the brink of starvation and freezing to death, she was doing everything possible to simply survive. Ripped away from her family and friends, she had nothing left but her faith.

The days and months wore on as Corrie Ten Boom endured the horrendous evil inside a Nazi concentration camp. She was in the midst of a monstrous battle. As the days and weeks wore on, she watched her precious sister die from sickness.

Fighting the rage of anger inside her heart, Corrie knew that there was only one weapon that could win this evil battle — love.

After being released from the horrifying concentration camp, Corrie knew her life would never be the same again. Instead of choosing the path of anger, bitterness, and revenge against her torturers, Corrie clung to the powerful healing of God’s mercy and grace.

Instead of embracing hate, she chose forgiveness. Can you imagine choosing to forgive the very evil people who brought death and destruction to your family? Corrie chose to return good instead of evil.

Corrie Ten Boom dedicated the rest of her life to sharing her story of God’s faithfulness to thousands of people around the world. As a result, many unsaved people came to know Christ as their personal Savior…even some of the most horrendous Nazi guards.

Corrie Ten Boom died in 1983, and since then has become well known as a “hero of the faith.” She is a woman who saw the battle of evil in this world and chose to fight against it God’s way. She is a female hero who has left behind a lasting legacy for Christ’s glory.


As a modern woman myself, I love the idea of a brave, courageous, and noble female hero fighting the battles of this world. But if I’m not careful, my picture of what a female hero should look like can quickly become skewed and self-centered.

The right kind of female hero isn’t one who is simply fighting the battles of this world, but a woman who is fighting the battles of sin in her own life, and boldly pursuing God’s truth in everything she does. She is constantly fighting to keep Christ at the center of her affections. God’s glory is her objective. The gospel is her motivation.

This is the type of modern female hero that God wants you and me to become. Just like Corrie, other Christian women throughout recent history have also earned the honor of being called a “hero of the faith.”

Amy Carmichael (1867 – 1951) traveled to India as a missionary and courageously rescued countless girls from slavery and prostitution. Amy courageously risked her life to show Christ’s love to helpless young victims, and as a result, many young girls grew up free from a life of slavery.

Amy was a true heroine who made an eternal impact and left behind a beautiful legacy of faith.

Elisabeth Elliot (1926 – 2015) is another female hero.

Her first husband, Jim Elliot, was killed in 1956 while attempting to make missionary contact with the Auca Indians of eastern Ecuador. Against all “common sense” Elisabeth chose to go back to Ecuador and minister to the exact same tribe who killed her husband!

The forgiveness and love she showed the Auca (despite her husband’s brutal murder) made such an impact on these people that many came to know Christ as their personal Savior. Elisabeth dedicated the rest of her life to ministering to others and spreading the great news of the gospel wherever she went.

Elisabeth was a true heroine who made an eternal impact and left behind an incredible legacy of faith.

Biblical women like Ruth, Esther, and Mary (Jesus’ mother) are a few other courageous heroes of the faith, and there are many more.

As incredible and inspiring as these female heroes are, I don’t think a single one of them would have called herself a “hero.” These women didn’t set out to be “great,” they simply determined to obey God’s call to live radical lives for His glory.

These brave women simply fought for what they knew to be true and right according to God’s word. They understood the reality of evil and engaged in the battle. No matter the cost.   

As modern Christian women living in this twenty-first century, we are called to fight the same fight! The battle may look different today, but it exists nonetheless. We are called to engage in the battle of evil and stand up for what is true and just.

We are called to live radical lives for God’s glory, even when nobody around us is doing it.

1 Timothy 6:12a says, “Fight the good fight of the faith.” We’re not called to fight just any fight…we’re called to fight thegood fight. The fight of Christ. The battle for the gospel. The war on evil. The pursuit of righteousness.

There is a battle, and we must choose to engage. Right now. Right, where God has us.

Whether it’s choosing to courageously share the gospel at your school, or choosing to embrace purity in a sexually perverse culture, or fighting for the lives of unborn babies, or heading to your inner city to minister to the homeless, or starting a local Bible study, or mentoring a younger woman, or choosing to forgive someone who has sinned against you — this is where the battle starts. That is where Christian heroes fight. 

Living sold out for Christ right now, in your personal sphere of influence, is what God is calling you to do.

Our world has enough women fighting for evil agendas. I pray you will strive to be a woman who sees the vision for truth, and passionately pursues Christ in your personal life, home, school, job, church, and relationships. 

And who knows, maybe one day many years from now, younger Christian women will read about your life and thank the Lord for a female hero of the faith like you.


Over to you now, dear God girl. what makes you a woman? Are you defined by your looks, figure or the exploits you will do for the kingdom and purpose yet to be accomplished? Think on it

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