God uses His Word to help me to be a well-rounded, mature thinking, grown up daughter of His. When I have specific things that are my personal struggle area I need to do some target shooting of Scripture verses. That extra concentrated verse power can make all the difference. I certainly need that something extra to help make the path to freedom all that much more doable.

The Bible itself tells me that it is alive and powerful (Hebrews 4:12) and that it there for reproof and teaching and equipping me (2 Tim 3:16-17). The Word is a power weapon.

How to begin a list of Bible Verses to help with overeating and food struggles:

When I started my list I did two things. Firstly, when I did my quiet time with the Lord I asked Him to show me verses in the Bible I could use to help me.

And secondly, I sat and thought about what my biggest problem areas were as far as food and overeating went and as I thought about it all these bits and pieces of verses started coming into my mind. That was the Holy Spirit! I then started looking up verses in a concordance. I thought of key words and often I soon found the verses I was looking for.

These are some of my favourites: Psalm 141:3; Ecc 3:6b; Math 26:41; 1 Cor 10:31; 2 Cor 10:4; Eph 3:20; Col 3:2; 1 Tim 4:8;  Heb 11:6;  Heb 12:2a; 2 Pet 2:19b. And that’s just a few of the ones on my list.

What should I do with my lists of Verses?

I looked them up in various translations and used the one I liked the most. Options: Laminate verses and keep them small so I can have them in my bag, or stick them on the fridge, or on the bathroom mirror, or in the car, in my Bible, beside my bed. Make duplicates and have a set of verses in all the places I am at on a regular basis. I can write them up on index cards and put them in the sleeves of a small photo album the size of a small book. I can take one out and use it on a daily basis. The list is endless.

It’s important to be able to get to my Bible Verses whenever I need them. I can commit them to memory so that in my mind I carry them with me no matter where I go. That way the Holy Spirit can just bring them up to me at the times when I need them the most.

It’s important to get the truth of the Word inside of us. The Devil wants us to think we’re too weak  to control ourselves and our mouths and we’re doomed to fail. And his best one: that food issues is a stronghold that we’ll have for the rest of our lives. But that is a lie!! That is why we need to get the Word in us.

We MUST get the Word in our hearts. We MUST put the Word into action. Saying it is not enough. DOING it is necessary to get where we want to go.