Trust in the not knowing and the in between.

Being faithful to our maker is priceless. 

When God says to place our trust in him, He is very serious about it. 

What does that mean? Like-

Trust in the pain, ( which seems so painful?)

Trust in the delay, (when there is no ray of hope?)

Trust in crisis ( when there is nothing left?) 

Trust in the not knowing and the in between?

Are we able to trust Him with our circumstances? Or are we consumed by our own thoughts than the one who knows the very hairs on our head and the one whose thoughts are countless towards us like the sand on the seashore? God calls us to look to him. He never stops thinking about you and me…And they are not thoughts of condemnation and judgement, but thoughts of absolute love and adoration. 

When we read the word it clearly explains how deeply He loves us. God’s own Word, the Bible, shows what immense care God has for His whole creation, and especially for each one of us individually. He cares for us, has a plan for us, will not forsake us, and wants us to spend eternity with Him! Having this relationship of trust with God is rewarding. When you lean on him and not your own understanding He brings forth the plans He has for us.

Some will think it’s easier said than done. But I assure you, placing your trust in Him is gratifying.

God is love and He loves you, because love keeps no record of wrongs 1 Corinthians 13:5. God loves us in a moment than anyone would in a lifetime.It’s breathtaking to experience a love so pure. Imagine if His love is so deep for us, what stops you and me from trusting Him? He made us, He formed us in our mother’s womb and called us by name, isn’t that beautiful. Can you imagine someone calling you,singing over you and loving you before they even saw you? Can you think of anyone caring for you like God does? I can’t and no one can comprehend a love like this in today’s world. But know that God gave his only begotten son so that we may live.John 3:16.

He loves us despite the fact we fail Him everyday. We were born with His DNA so lets live his legacy and  not create something we are not. Let’s get connected with our maker, He is the author and finisher of our faith.Hebrews 12:2