The Warfare of Worship

Father, I pray in all earnest for Your people to wake up, and rise up, and shout the truth from the roof tops. We desperately need to see Your will done on earth as it is in heaven, and we intentionally unite in worship, which is the greatest weapon of spiritual warfare we have. Hear our united worship of You God, as we seek Your intervention in our behalf.

We have freedom in America unlike any other nation or nations of the past. Let us understand the blood that was shed for the freedoms we enjoy and decide to not let their brave sacrifices be in vain, Amen. Let us take hold of the truth that it was the blood of Jesus that gave all men the ability to be completely free from evil. Let us no longer tolerate the increase of evil and wickedness! The enemy has lied to us from the start and the Scriptures that speak of the end times do not negate the instructions and mandates You’ve given us to occupy until You return! Even in the last days Your people who remain on earth are NOT to accept the increase of evil! There are many Christians who are accepting and resigned to the evil all around us wrongly believing it’s supposed to be this way because of what Scriptures say about the end times. No! Christians are never to be resigned to evil, only and ever to God with faith in Jesus, Amen. Wake us up out of our slumber Lord and empower us from on high that we indeed do greater works than Jesus did. Lord, let us be the forerunners of a major revival reformation—the billion soul harvest Bob Burns prophesied, Amen.

Lord this are violent times, requiring a violent response and Your people are to take the kingdom of darkness by force, Matthew 11:12. The idea that Christians are not to be involved in government is a lie from the pit of hell! America was founded by Christians so that all citizens of the Unites States would be involved. We have a government that was established for and by the people! It has been the lack of involvement by Christians that has allowed evil to advance. Lord, make it clear in the minds of Your people that we are in a spiritual war that’s being played out in our natural world. Like it or not we are in a war and we are either for You or against You. Forgive us father, help us repent and take our rightful place in Your plan.

Lord, teach us to apply our faith in our daily lives and to utilize the power and authority we have from You and that we have as citizens of the United States which is still, although barely, a government for and by the people. Let us not roll over and pull the covers up but put on the full armor of God. I ask You to motivate American Christians to write to their elected officials, reminding them that they are to represent us not dictate to us. Reminding them that it is from the backs of our hard labor that taxes are paid and they receive their salary from us. They are employed by us! Rise up men and women to organize and use our rights to turn leadership back around under righteousness, for the good of the people—all people—not just the self-appointed elite. Let our prayers and our pens be our choice weapons of warfare. For governments to tell us we cannot meet to worship You is unacceptable and a gross violation of the rights we have as American citizens. We Christians must not accept the control the government has sought to impose upon us. We Christians are not to accept the lies of the enemy being spewed all over the media. By Your Holy Spirit, Lord, give us the needed discernment we must have to see through the smoke and mirrors.

Father I think of our martyred brothers and sisters in other parts of the world who suffer gross religious persecution. They do not have the freedom we have and they are observing Christians in America allowing evil to increase I shudder at the thought of their observing us.  Lord give them hearts to forgive us and pray for us to take a stand on their behalf.

Father, continue to expose the corruption and bring justice swiftly. Father, remove from office those who are seeking to change America to a communist, socialist, Marxist nation. Father subdue China and Russia. Fortify President Trump and all who are in positions to help in these times to call-out the terrorists, those who are committing treason, and those who perpetrate unimaginable evils upon the innocent. Give voices to the voiceless who have been harmed and cause their perpetrators to be apprehended and brought to justice, Amen. Cause Antifa, BLM, human trafficking, drug trafficking, middle eastern ideologies that want to destroy America, and more to be round up and apprehended. Let us see You at work in our nation, Almighty God.

I know You can zap anything into existence anytime You want. At the same time You have chosen to limit Yourself to our free will. Father, forgive us for being apathetic and complacent concerning You. We have reaped what we deserve. But we appeal to You Father, to hear our prayers of repentance and to help us and heal our land, according to 2 Chronicles 7:14, Amen. Raise up the existing voices calling for Christians to wake up to even greater heights: Franklin Graham, Mario Murillo, Lance Wallnau, Mark Taylor, Dennis Prager, David Barton, Chuck Pierce, Cindy Jacobs, Kent Christmas, and more. Give rise to voices such as mine to help rally the troops for this very place in time and history where You’ve ordained us to be alive and make a Kingdom difference, Amen. Help us Lord to hear from You and to do Your will on earth as it is in heaven. Assign all the warring and ministering angels possible to help us God, for Your glory, and the benefit of many, Amen.

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