The Stories Behind The Missing People’s Choir Gave Us Chills

When a family member goes missing, the family can feel like a part of their heart is gone right along with them. Their life is suspended without answers and their hearts are in limbo. It is a painful and lonely experience. The hardest part truly is not having any answers, the wondering and worry can be heart-wrenchingly painful. However, when we saw this London based group called, “the Missing People Choir” coming together and supporting one another it filled our hearts with hope. This is the sort of loving kindness that restores people’s faith in humanity. Their story is proof that God has a way of turning even the worst situations around for good if we invite Him in and let Him work in our lives. Families have been reunited after seeing this choir so please share this story because you never know if you just may be the vessel God uses today.

missing people choir

Please join us in this prayer for those who are missing.
Holy God You have a way of turning despair into triumph. Nothing is impossible for you, so please work Your miracles in these families lives. Bring them the answers they so desperately need along with comfort and healing. Reunite as many as possible and restore their relationships so they are even stronger and better than before. May they know they are not alone, we care about them, and we lift them all up to You in this prayer. In Jesus Name we pray. Amen.