I remember it vividly. It was October 31st, 2006. I was sitting by a desktop computer in a bedroom. Suddenly, I heard an uproar outside and immediately I ran outside and saw a crowd of people running towards the same direction. I ran along with them without knowing why they were running, or where they were running to. We kept running until we reached what looked like a university compound and soon we arrived at a building. The building seemed really ancient and it was not painted. It looked like an administration building. The crowd ran inside the building, and as soon as I ran in, the doors were closed and no one else was allowed in. We then waited in a room to meet the president of the university to interview us. Then I woke up. I prayed and wrote the dream down in my prayer journal.

This revelation came a day before I applied to College of Charleston for graduate school admission. What I didn’t know at the time was that God was showing me a particular building at College of Charleston even before I applied for admission so that in due time, I would know for sure that this was the school that God had pre-ordained for me to attend. Right from the time I received direction from God that the next step was graduate school, I had spent time praying daily for God’s direction for my life. I prayed daily for God to direct my steps to the right school, and that He shouldn’t allow me to make a move to any place that wasn’t His will for me.

November 3rd, 2006 – two days after I applied for admission to College of Charleston, I had another revelation. I saw myself in what looked like my apartment – a new apartment that I had just moved into. In that apartment, I saw a friend Luke (not his real name). Luke told me that he was sent from the College of Charleston Graduate Admissions Office to find out about my immigration status. I told Luke my immigration status and then Luke asked me what I wanted him to tell the Graduate Admissions Team about me. “Tell them that I am very intelligent.” I replied. Luke then said that he would relay that to them and also add more great attributes about me. Then I thought, wow, this is my angel sent to speak on my behalf and get me admitted into College of Charleston! Afterwards, Luke began to clean my apartment thoroughly. Then I woke up, prayed, and wrote down the dream in my prayer journal. I wrote down these exact words on my prayer journal as I reflected on the dream: “I think God has already chosen someone in the admissions office at College of Charleston whom I am going to find favor with. He or she will speak positively about my application and push it till I am admitted in Jesus’ name, Amen!” Later in my story, you will read about the person whom God used to speak on my behalf and help me get admitted into College of Charleston.

These two revelations from God were significant to my graduate school journey. Later in my story, you will read about the turbulent times that came during my graduate school program, but because God had confirmed through these dreams that it was His will for me to attend College of Charleston, I was so tenacious during that time. My faith was so strong in the face of adversity. A few people told me to quit, but I kept on going. Having that knowledge that God was with me and that I was in His will made me have a crazy kind of faith that I could look at situations that looked like a red sea before me and command them in the name of Jesus to divide and then kept on going. I stared at situations that seemed like mountains, and told my mountains that they will melt in the name of Jesus and kept on going. I saw people in that land who looked like giants before me ready to devour, but I also saw the God in me Who is greater than any giant, and soon my giants began to diminish before me. There were many seasons where I was alone with no friends, no family, but God became closer than anyone could ever be. I had no other choice but to hold unto him so tight because I needed Him so desperately in Charleston. God became more than a friend – He was my guide every step of the way.

To be continued…