Sometimes I think I have to have this overeating all under control in one day. I’m not like that. I don’t think God expects me to be like that. I’m the kind of person that is in victory one day and defeat another. If I’m heading to more victory days over defeat days then I’m making progress.

My focus is not on the number of victory verses defeat days. My focus is on honouring God wth my eating. Today. Then tomorrow. Then the day after. And the day after that.

Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. 1 COR 10:31 NASB

What do I learn from this verse? 1 Corinthians 10:31 tells me that whatever (W-H-A-T-E-V-E-R) I do I should do all (A-L-L) to the glory of God. If I focus on changing to please God rather than pleasing myself, then change will begin to happen. My motive is toward pleasing God.

Small steps every week add up. I don’t want to take them alone. I want to do this with God involved. I am not going to be an overnight sensation. What I can do is do small things and make small changes every day to bring glory to God in my relationship with food.

I can take the defeats and the stumblings and the detours and I can learn from them, and become a more mature and steadfast person in this particular area of my life. I am learning the art of surrender. The flow-on effect is that it’s going to make me more like that in other areas and before I know it – I am becoming a well-rounded genuine Christian person bringing glory to God in multiple areas of my life – food just being one of them.

What other things can I think of that will make a difference right now? One is to talk to the Lord about it all the time. When there is temptation. When the cravings become monsters. When I fail. When I behave like a spoilt child and decide I will eat what I want and not care what He or anyone else thinks.

My life is about leaning. “Come to Me” the Lord said in Matthew 11:28-30. “Learn from Me”.  “You will find rest for your souls”.  How much easier it will be to travel the food stronghold when I am going to Jesus. When I am learning from Him. And as I come and as I submit there is rest for my soul. Why wouldn’t I take that step and lean on Him?