The Holy Spirit Is Your Peace


The Holy Spirit Is Your Peace

“Since the Truth is in our hearts forever, God the Father and Jesus Christ his Son will bless us with great mercy and much peace, and with truth and love.” (2 John 2-3 TLB)

The above scripture says that as long as the Truth is in our hearts forever, we would enjoy God’s abundant mercy, peace, truth in revelation, and love. A lot of us pray for these things, but here God is telling us that we’ve got it if we have the Truth abiding in our hearts.

You see, the Truth I believe John was speaking of is the Holy Spirit- the Spirit of Truth we received on the day we were born again. On that day, He came and dwelled in our hearts. He is the evidence of Truth we have in and with us now. Jesus said He shall be with us to reveal all truths to us (John 16:13). The Father is in heaven, the Son is in heaven, but He is in us now, revealing both Father and Son to and through us; and reminding us of God’s mercy and grace that is sufficiently available towards us in Christ (2 Corinthians 12:9).

He is the peace Jesus said He had given to us, that grants us rest in ways the world could never know because they don’t know Him (John 14:26-27). He is the anointing that endues us with the mysteries and truth of the Godhead (1 John 2:20). And still He keeps the hope of heaven fresh in our spirits as He makes known the love of God in the core of our very hearts (Romans 5:5).

He is our all. He is all we’ve got. I have gotten over a lot of challenges only because He was there with me, doing what only He can- comforting me. The disciples were also distressed at one point, but then He filled them again, giving them boldness, peace and joy unspeakable (Acts 4:31-33). In the same way, it doesn’t matter what you may be passing through, He will give you the peace you need. He will touch you and make you whole, like fresh breeze after a hard day. He wants to, and will. And He is closer than you think; just say “Holy Spirit, come and fellowship with me today”.


Dear Father, I thank you for your peace that passes all understanding that has overwhelmed my life. I thank you for your Holy Spirit that brings this peace into the fullness of its reality in my life through His constant fellowship; thereby drawing my heart deeper into the experience of your joy, mercy and truth. In Jesus Name. Amen.