Shug…My Steps of Faith 2020-12-30 02:32:00

 It’s 🍋 time again!!   I know… would think these lemons would be ready in the Summer, just in time for making Lemonade.   Not OURS!!

Look at all the Blooms….these just came on here this past week!  This Lemon tree seems to have the Season’s mixed up.  It did this last year too!!

Look at this one!!!  The picture is not as clear as I hoped for, but I think you can clearly see that this lemon is huge.

Much bigger than the palm of my hand.  

I posted pictures of this Lemon tree last year, when it had 58 lemons on it.  YES….58 lemons on this one tree.  

This year, the lemons are a little more scarce.  Maybe like 30 lemons….but hey, the thing is still blooming, so who knows, it may just end up having a big number.  

I honestly would love for them to be ripe in the summer so that we could pick them and use them, but since they have decided that they like to ripen in December and January, we just squeeze them and fill ice tray cubicles with the juice.  When they freeze, you just pop one out and put it in your glass of tea, or in whatever you are cooking that needs some freshening…

This tree is on our back porch and the smell is so heavenly when we go out the back door.  It is also very pretty to look at.    One great thing is that we have had plenty of lemons to mix with green tea and honey.  Plus a few red hots.  

This little mixture has been great for Sam to drink while having covid.  And now for an update on him!!  He is still running fever here at day 7.  The fever has not been as high today, so we are hopeful that tomorrow it just might be gone!  Keeping our fingers crossed anyways!!  

Y’all stay safe and I truly pray that NONE of you gets this virus.   Keep us in your prayers.   I have a small cough, but that is it so far..  

Big Hugs from a distance!