Shug…My Steps of Faith 2020-11-06 01:05:00

We truly serve a mighty God.  Just look at the beauty in my header picture.

This is just one of the trees that we saw on a quick trip to Missouri this past weekend.  

I haven’t even taken the time to edit these pictures, but they are all so beautiful just as they are.

This was our morning view from the hotel room…absolutely stunning!

One of the trees as we drove up the drive to our hotel entrance.  We stayed at the Chateau on the Lake in Branson.  I enjoy staying at this hotel and this year, we had an extra surprise…The Christmas trees were all up and decorated.  

Another view outside our room…the fog was so heavy this day and you could barely see the lake.  

Sam and I at the Christmas Village.  Santa was there, but I thought it was kinda strange that Santa and his chair was completely roped off with a red tape.  No one could get near him, so I guess if kids wanted to talk to him, they would have to shout out their Christmas wishes…LOL.

Mylee Jo and Tori….they were so much fun on this trip and they both had a great time…

Our Crew….We left the rest of the family at home!!!  😂😂.   Since this was a spur of the moment get-away, some of the guys had to work and could not make this trip with us.  

The girls….Trista and Shanda…all decked out in their leopard mask…waiting for the show “NOAH” to start.

Me and Shan at the Christmas store..

These two are always so much fun….warming their hands by the FAKE heater..   LOL.

Branson is so much fun and there is so much to do in that area.  Even though it is a Seven and half hour drive from our house to Branson…we usually make this trip at least once a year…sometimes 2 times.  I’m not fond of the drive, especially the interstate part, but we always have such a great time.

It’s those quick, unexpected short trips that make for tons of memories and FUN!!