It is now closer to 20 months but hey, it is getting documented.  I have to say between being busy, the cold weather, it getting dark out so early, and your new fear of the camera, I thought we might not ever get pictures to go with this post.

IMG_1606[1]The Facts:

– You have so many words and phrases that you are constantly saying and you mimic us so often.  My favorite is when you try to mumble along and keep up with our dinner prayer.  It is adorable!

– We are still working on getting you to use your words instead of teeth in certain situations.  Yep, you are a biter. Most of the time this happens when you get overly excited but it also comes out when you are angry.  We are constantly giving you the words “no, thank you” to say instead.


– We have officially switched you to soy milk. You were waking up in the middle of the night at least once every night and couldn’t get comfortable.  This switch has made it so much better although you still wake up a few times a week, you usually soothe yourself back to sleep now.


– You have become very fearful of little things more and more and it makes me wonder if night terrors aren’t a part of what keeps you up at night.  There are times that the littlest noise can make you run crying to mommy or daddy. While taking your pictures the same trembling fear came over you.

– You do a wonderful job of playing by yourself.  This is very helpful when we are cooking dinner and getting ready in the morning.

– You love food.  Anytime someone is eating something they immediately become your best friend.  Little mooch. We do struggle with you to get you to eat vegetables.  You are by far our pickiest kid.


– You LOVE balls. You can often be found pointing and saying  “ball, ball, ball” even if it is a circle or pumpkin.  With the holidays approaching “light” is becoming a new favorite as well. You love to look at Christmas trees light up.

– Your sisters love to play with you and baby you.  You usually tolerate it.  Playing with their bracelets is a favorite of yours.

– You are a great helper and love to retrieve things or help throw things away.  You also do a great job of picking up everyone’s shoes and putting them where they belong.


Ryker Gene, you are such a little flirt and make us smile all the time.  You are an absolute sweatheart and always give out the best hugs to all of us. We love you so very, very much, little man.