#RoeAcres from the Beginning


I realized that I never wrote about the process of how we got where we are today, in our forever home that I lovingly refer to as #RoeAcres.

In October of 2017 I wrote about my “30-Life Crisis” and how we had started casually looking at land and houses as well as talking to builders and never went further.  I decided I should probably fill in the gaps between “casually looking” at houses and posting pictures of us living in #RoeAcres.

In 2017 we did meet with a custom home builder, with our amazing realtor at our side. Although we were “wow”ed by the possibilities, we still weren’t sure we would be able to get what we wanted in a price that we felt comfortable with. To sum it all up, I was craving character and uniqueness in a house which means adding more and more cost.

We continued to look at houses but couldn’t find anything that gave us everything we were looking for.  The thing that was tugging at us both was land.  We knew we wanted more land to raise our kids outside on. We had (and still have) dreams of a garden, a pool, a basketball hoop, etc.

The problem with land is that it isn’t cheap and it isn’t the easiest to find in this area.  Add in the fact that Bryn would be going to school in the next year and we needed transportation to that school to be practical. There was also the need of having a home with good internet access for Nathan to be able to work from home when needed. This eliminated some of the “country” houses we were looking at.

We continued to look and continued to meet with more semi-custom builders. The next builder we met with had great floor plans and options but again, came at a price that was too high.


During all of this searching we had come across a two acre lot that was in a perfect location. It was closer to both of our jobs and still close to things like our Dr.’s offices, grocery stores, etc. The neighborhood was in town but considered outside “city limits.”  The lot had been put on the market a year before when the house next to it sold and the buyers didn’t want the second lot. Even with all of these positives, the lot had several things that made us nervous. 


My loves in front of the shed  on the property

For starters, the lot was awkward.  It had beautiful ponds with a creek in between that gave off the best rushing water sounds but the back portion of the property was in a flood plane.  Was that a risk we were willing to take?  Would this affect the area where a house would go?  Speaking of visualizing where a house would go, this lot had a huge shed built into the side of a hill directly in the front of the property.  Do you know how hard it is to try to visualize something when you have no idea what it looks like AND there is a building in the way?  It is nearly impossible. 

So we waited and we talked to another semi-custom, on your lot builder, Davis Homes (a local Indiana company.) We walked away from our meeting with Davis and thought, this is something that might actually work.  And we continued to visit that two acre lot.  It became a little bit of an obsession.  Something that nagged at us and wouldn’t let us forget it.  We talked to neighbors on either side of the lot about what it looked like when the back half of the property would “flood.”  We mapped out how a house would work on the land.  And finally we made an offer and bought the land in February of 2018.

It was a big step.  We went through the design phase with Davis.  This process was intense and lasted about six months.  We changed a ton of things on the existing floor plan and were constantly waiting to hear back on what could and couldn’t be done.  We went back and forth with several different materials trying to stay in budget.  We were exhausted but whenever we would visit “the lot” it all seemed right. 

There were several times during this process where I thought, “We have lost our dang minds” but the land…as Moana would say, “it called me.”  I realize that I sound like a crazy person and I can’t explain it any other way.  I do believe that #RoeAcres is where we are supposed to be.  I don’t know why and I may never know why, but I do know that this place just feels like home. 

I am thankful for this journey and that I can look back and think “it was all worth it.” 

To be continued…