for a person is a slave to whatever conquers him 2 Peter 2:19b ISV

I have been set free in Jesus. But why does Peter say we are slaves to things that control us? Why are we not walking in freedom in every area of our lives?

SLAVE: a person who is completely dominated by some influence, habit, person, etc. When something controls us instead of us controlling it we are a slave to it. That used to be me! Not anymore, but I still need to be on my guard where food is concerned.

Other translations of 2 Peter 2:19b are:

  • People are slaves of whatever controls them. CEV
  • For whatever overcomes a person, to that he is enslaved. ESV
  • For by whatever anyone is defeated and overcome, to that [person, thing, philosophy, or concept] he is continually enslaved. AMP
  • For people are slaves to whatever has mastered them. NIV
  • For whatever a person succumbs to, to that he is enslaved. NET
  • People are enslaved to whatever defeats them. HCSB

Was  I willing to admit that I was a slave to food? I knew I was but I wasn’t doing anything about it. I just let it keep me bound month after month, year after year for many many years.

How can I be set free?

Surrender. Replacing food with obedience to God. Sounds simple. But does it work? Yes. But it means I take the control of that food and lay it at the cross of Jesus and begin to believe that I have a Helper to help me instead of thinking it’s something I have to try and fix on my own. Fix my eyes on Jesus for the solution (Hebrews 12:2). Get in the Word and get into prayer.

Every time I want to overeat I have a choice. It’s like standing at a fork in the road. I have 2 paths to choose from. One leads to momentary pleasure and then future regret. The other leads to self-control and future peace. It’s a battle. It’s hard to take the right path, but if I do, there is joy, and peace at its end, as well as results.

Am I willing to be set free from whatever binds me? I am the only person stopping me!