Pandemic Fatigue: Joyness the Brave Saves the Day


“It is a happy talent to know how to play.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Giddy and giggly might best describe Joy and me as we meandered along the road filled with Victorian mansions on the way to our beloved parks. Anticipation for sipping our very favorite flat whites and sharing a warm almond croissant at our long ago designated park bench that we expected to be saved for us served to excited us because of the many times we had anchored our days exactly like this.

Weariness and just plain sick of the constant day in day out workaday and Covid schedule inside the walls of our home had drained us, stole small pieces of ourselves one day at a time.

Joy in honor of her name announced, “Tomorrow night, we shall have a Girl’s Spa and Play night. I shall set the menu, the activities and the entertainment.” And so she did.

A whole evening was dedicated to spa treatments ordered from Amazon, a favorite romantic chic flick, (You’ll have to listen to the podcast to hear all about it.) favorite dark chocolate with truffles inside and so much fun. Our 24 hours ended in our trek to the part, just being friends.

I have truly seen that play, sleep, fun are often just what the doctor ordered. I would love to know your ideas about what you have done the past months to refresh.

And don’t forget to join Sarah and me today for our remedies that have provided loads of fun for refreshing in during the pandemic and books, music, food, fun that we have both celebrated during this season.

Go to: Girl’s Night In with Sally and Sarah and register. You can also watch this later as Sarah will save it. If you can’t afford to register at this time, just let Sarah know and we will give you a scholarship. The money from the registration will help Sarah save to buy a car. Now that she and Thomas will have 3 children in car seats, they found out that their small car will not fit all their babies, so they must go for a bigger car.

We can’t wait and we shall have more fun if you can join us. 🙂

Girl’s Night In Registration


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