How often do we look at the clock? Too many times to count. So, what’s happening? We want to savor the moments we have on earth, yet we’re always checking the time. This could be in anxiousness, excitement, or just pure curiosity. 

For a few years, my favorite verse has been Matthew 6:27, which talks about how worrying doesn’t add time to your life and, in fact, only wastes your time and energy. I’ve talked about this multiple times in my blog, but I’ve found that it’s a very easy thing to look over. 

When we have extra free time or need to rid of stress, people tell us to pick up hobbies, tell us to go for a walk or a drive, or even to just simply sleep. While I do think these things can definitely help—I write a lot—I think it can also be partially dangerous to only resort to hobbies as a way to put energy into something or express how you feel. I am the most comfortable with my thoughts through written words, like here, but talking or anything else just doesn’t compare to it. We all have things like this because God designed each one of us that way. 

I have something important to me that ends in roughly a month. While it sounds like a decent amount of time, a month can also speed by very quickly—too quickly, in fact. I’m the kind of person who really tries to enjoy moments, but it’s hard when the train is leaving my beloved location quicker than I wanted it to. 

Maybe it’s because time appears to go by faster as I grow older? Maybe it’s because I enjoyed it so much that time forgot to remind me of its presence until now? I’m just grateful for experiences and God will lead them to greater things. I’ve already had great opportunities and I’m only just getting started. 

Something that God can teach in these times of hastily remembering to embrace special moments is that he provides, is faithful, and gives us blessing upon blessing. 

When this time here ends, on earth and with my current experience, it will be bittersweet. Tears will be bittersweet. Looking at the clock, I used to think I had so much time—almost too much time—now I feel like I’m in a rush to intentionally hold onto moments. 

~ ~ ~ 

I think it’s important to keep our focus on the bigger picture sometimes. We can’t always become dizzy with the circles of business around us. It’s ever so important to make being in the present a priority. It’s one of the ways we can be thankful to God for what He has provided for us. 

~The Inspired One