Inside #RoeAcres Pt. 2

I think the wait has been long enough.  I was finally motivated to finish the last few pictures of the 2nd floor without trying to capture the best lighting.  I give you the second floor of #RoeAcres…


“Z’s” room.  We are slowly working on getting the kids’ rooms decorated.  This weekend our peel and stick wallpaper came for the wall that has “Zella” on it.  Using wallpaper for a focus wall will be a new adventure for me.


Yes, I am OCD. No, their books don’t always look that pretty…no matter how hard I try.



Bryn’s room faces the front of the house and gets great sun light through her windows. We are still brainstorming ideas on how to spruce up her walls.



We turned the “loft” into the perfect little kitchen area for the littles.


The kids bathroom has a double sink and a shower/toilet area that can be closed off.  I am sure these will come in handy when we have teenage girls fighting for bathroom time.  You can also catch a glimpse of our beloved “Scarlett” angel in the window. 


Ryker’s room is the first and only room so far that we have painted something other than the standard color that we picked for the whole house.  His room is also the most crowded as he currently has a full size bed and a crib in his room.  This change came from him waking up every night and us laying in his room to get him back to sleep.  Thankfully, switching to soy milk has kept these middle of the night wake-ups to an infrequent occurrence.



The second floor over looks the main living room downstairs.  It is nice to easily be able to hear the kids from downstairs but it also forces our adult movie nights to the basement to keep the kids’ sleep from being interrupted.


The laundry room isn’t something I would normally post pictures of but it is a room I expect to someday revamp so it is nice to have “before” pics. Ideally the laundry would be on the main floor of our house but we moved it upstairs in order to gain storage space in our mudroom.

IMG_1848[1]That concludes our second story.  We shall see if part three gets posted this year.  Currently the basement is full of my old junk, toys, and even a Christmas tree that has yet to be taken down.  My next goal is to post about all the home projects I have in mind/in progress. If I can get that posted before Ryker turns 2 and Bryn turns 7, I will call it a success.