Inside #RoeAcres Pt. 1

The month of May is ridiculous but I am working hard on fulfilling the grandmothers’ requests of new house pictures. Smile

With part 1 of this “series” I give you, the good and the not so pretty of the first floor.

Don’t get me wrong, I straightened the house for pictures and completely angled these to avoid any unnecessary clutter but you are getting the house with lots of projects left to complete.  So when you see pictures in frames that are upside down, things sitting on the floor waiting to be hung in just the right spot,  and our light bulb “light fixtures” it is all just the current realness of our home.  And you know what….it is ALL good (as Pete the Cat would say.)  This is our forever home and I am 99% ok with our incomplete projects (that 1% is just the perfectionist in me.)  I love that we have all the time in the world to put into this house to get it right and I love so much about this house that it is easy to look past the little unfinished imperfections.

Enough blabbing and onto the visuals:IMG_1394[1]












I feel the need to explain this photo further.  This is off of our kitchen and looks slightly terrifying at the moment.  We are putting a deck in this summer and asked the builders to credit the small wood deck that came standard.  The boards were placed for code/safety.  I have no idea why they used these massive boards that you can see from the road leading up to our house, but they will be gone soon. Yes, we always keep this door closed and locked so kids are kept safe.







The mud room is still a work in progress. My current inspiration is to line this wall with old doors and place hooks on them for coats and bookbags.  I am giving it time and we will see where it takes us.

I make no promises about when pt. 2 will be posted…