The trouble in our world began with temptation. The one doing the tempting: the devil. The instrument used: food. Eve first, then Adam, ate the food they were told not to eat (Genesis 3:1-6). The world changed for the worst after that.
The remedy to our world’s trouble also involved food. Our Lord Jesus told us that in order to have eternal life we needed to symbolically eat his flesh and drink his blood (John 6:51, 53-56). Our future changed for the better after that. 

The devil tried his best and lost. Jesus came to our rescue, and as a result we won. The devil is still trying to use food to tempt me in my life to bring me down and defeat me. Looking at food as a means to get what I want instead of being content in my Father’s presence is one of his aims in my life.
But I have Jesus to rescue me. Instead of drowning in binges I am set free. Instead of needing food to meet my needs, I am loved by a God who knows me better than I know myself. Instead of finding satisfaction in overeating, I am finding satisfaction and peace in my relationship with my God.

The devil got Adam and Eve to turn their eyes away from God, and he’s still doing the same old thing today. Whether he’s using food, or alcohol, drugs, materialism, he’s up to his old tricks. I know he wants my downfall but I’m looking to God for His help and His sustaining power to stop overeating and instead be balanced in all areas of my life, including food.