The Facts:

– You just had your well child visit in the middle of the pandemic.  You had to wear a mask the whole time and came in at the following stats: Weight: 49.6 lbs (46%) and Height: 4’ 2in (88%)


– You did such a good job at your doctors appointment on talking to the pediatrician and not being shy.  This is a huge step for you!

– You started e-learning about a month and a half ago and will continue this for the new few weeks.  You have done a great job with this.  You are such an academic star and it is so great to see how you think about things. 


– You are very innovative and constantly trying to come up with solutions to problems (even adult problems.) The other day you were trying to help come up with a plan for how to get mommy’s car into the garage when it was having issues.  Such a little problem solver!

– You are usually a great sister! You love to help get things for Ryker and Zella and can even be found overstepping your boundaries to where we have to remind you that you are not their mother. Smile 


– You are still a guys girl and have a lot of friends that are boys.  One in particular lives in our neighborhood and you constantly tell us how he likes you.

– We had plans to have your first friends birthday get together this year but have postponed any plans until the world changes a bit.

– We just transitioned the way you pray each night. We usually ask you what is something you are thankful for and what is something you want to pray about.  We moved into you having the words for your whole prayer.  It is a small transition but it makes me so proud of you.  To hear you pray like a big girl just warms my heart!


– You are still pretty terrified of bugs and such, we work on it often. Being out on the land is helping.  A few weeks ago you feel in love with some worms that you kept as your own until you accidently killed the.  This weekend we found a snake swimming in the stream and you eventually walked up to it!

– You have now lost three teeth in total and have another that is loose.


– Quarantine did not stop you from having food from you favorite Mexican place for your birthday. Three years in a row now. Smile

– You have such great inflection in your voice when you read aloud and are constantly reading over tough words with ease.  Last night you read the word  “competitive” without any hesitation. I love that you are a little book worm!

– This past year you have been working very hard on controlling your emotions.  When things don’t go your way you tend to immediately shut down.  You have made progress in your small group through school and working with mom and dad.


Brynzlee Grace, you keep us on our toes.  You make us look at this world a little differently. You challenge us, delight us, and make us think. We love you so very much.  Happy year number SEVEN, baby girl!