The Facts:

– Your stats are the following: Weight 44.2 lbs (47%) Height 48” (91%)

– You “lost” your first tooth in November.  Your top, front tooth that  you chipped when you were a year and a half had to be pulled due to infection behind it. 


– You LOVE to read and are doing a great job of it. You can easily read  sight words and can usually sound out other words too. Going to the library, both at school and on the weekends, has been one of your new favorite things this year.

– You also love art.  If it involves creating or painting you are always game.

– You had your first daddy daughter dance last month.  Mommy curled you hair and you wore a dress.  You ditched your daddy at the dance and went off dancing with all of your friends. Smile


– You started softball and couldn’t be more excited about it.  Unfortunately with all the rain we are getting you have had a whopping total of 1 practice.  You are supposed to have a game tomorrow morning and we can’t wait to cheer you on!

– You still love all things sports. You talk about the Cubs all the time.  Your birthday gift this year is a basketball hoop (to be purchased) and you can’t wait for better weather to get out and play!


– You are learning a lot in Kindergarten and love your teacher, Mrs. Pata. 

– You started riding the bus to school last month.  It broke this mama’s heart to see you as such a big kid but you have been doing well with it. (Not counting the day last week that you missed the bus because of a melt down.)

– You are still very stubborn.  There are times when you just want to be right.  You get things set in your mind and have a really hard time getting past it. 

– You give the best hugs and are the most cuddly girl.  I have called you my “cuddle bug” since you were just a baby and that still holds true.

– You failed your hearing test (twice) this month in the left ear and we are being referred to an ENT to see what is going on.


– You are still working hard on responding to people when they talk to you or ask you a question.  You are very shy around people and it takes you awhile to warm up.

– You love kids. You love “watching” Ryker and are constantly trying to pick him up…no matter how many times we tell you not to.  You also love being around all of your cousins. You are such a caregiver and love helping out with the babies and playing with everyone.

– You enjoy helping out around the house.  Your regular jobs include setting the table, helping to do dishes, getting the dogs in their cages, folding laundry, making your bed, etc.


Girlfriend, you are getting too big.  I don’t know how it is possible that you are six.  You look like a teenager already and I am not alright with it.  We love you so very much, spunky girl.  You are your own person and don’t follow the crowd and I hope you always feel comfortable being you! I am so proud of you, little lady, and I hope you continue to grow in strength, compassion, wisdom, and faith.

Love you, Brynie bear!