The Bible is the greatest love story ever written. It is the story of God’s love for all mankind – especially you. it is not a book of verses such as you would find on greeting cards; it is a revelation.

It must be read, digested,studied, questioned and revered from beginning to end.
Don’t divide it into short devotional paragraphs and think you can understand its message. Come to its pages with common sense, believe that every book is about something and read and reread until you find out what that book is about.

     Since the Bible was inspired by the Holy Spirit, you need the Holy Spirit’s power to help you understand it, to interpret it. That is one of the function of the Holy Spirit – to help you understand the Bible. Therefore, before you begin any serious study of the Bible , ask the Holy Spirit to fill you. Only as He interprets it to you will it make any sense. Otherwise it will be nothing more than great literature, interesting history or a jumble of words and genealogies.

     All the books of the Bible of equal importance? No, but all are indispensable. if you were to ask me if my brain is more important than my hand, I would tell you my brain is more important . Yet my hand is important also – and I would have a difficult time without it. So with the Bible.

Every book is necessary to make a perfect whole, but some portions are more precious than others. You can’t take away the book of Esther or the Song of Solomon and have a perfect revelation of God. Yet no one says either of these two books is comparable with the Gospel of John or the book of Exodus .

All are part of an organism and that organism is not complete if any part is missing.