Photo Credit for all pictures: Ardent Owl Photography

The Facts:

– Stats: Weight 42.2(90%) Height 36.5’” (94%)


– You started Pre-Kindergarten just after your birthday. You wear a uniform to school everyday and it makes you look so grown up!

– You are very spunky and can often be found making some hilarious facial expressions.


– You have started saying “well” a lot and it makes me think of grandma Starbody.

– You love to write your name and constantly show off the letters that you know how to write.


– You love playing the game “I want mommy to do it” or “I want daddy to do it” in order to waist more time.  Bedtime has become a struggle every night with this stubbornness.


– You love yourself some chocolate milk.

– You love playing outside and playing “baby” in which in of your siblings is the baby and taking care of the others.  It seems like more often than not, you are Ryker’s “baby.” It is pretty comical to watch.


Z baby we love you so very much! You sure keep things interesting around here.  We can’t get enough of your personality and funny faces!

Happy belated 4th birthday, girlie!