Your Love and Your Grace

IMG_20190928_191448010I just returned from a beautiful weekend retreat experience at our province’s retreat center in Hankinson.  We had talks, small group sessions, Mass, adoration, confession, and even “Songs & S’more Talk” (a delightful late evening campfire).

This was my first time leading a retreat, so it was definitely a learning experience.

Despite my burden of responsibility for the endeavor, I was able to thoroughly enjoy the women’s retreat, sponsored by our local Catholic Women’s group.  It was truly a grace-filled weekend for myself and, from what was shared, the other ladies as well.

The above mentioned word grace reminds me of the song that has especially stuck with me from the weekend.  It is based on St. Ignatius’ prayer: “Take Lord, Receive.”  The phrase that has been speaking to me is “Your love and your grace are enough for me.”  It has repeated in my brain long after we sang it together prior to one of the weekend talks.

As I face the days and challenges that lay ahead, I’ll rely on this love and this grace, which really are with us constantly and is ours for the asking.

I surely need it!