I was thinking about how addiction and the Bible go hand in hand. And it made me think about just how deep in my faith level that God can actually help me to not only manage my food addiction but to smash it to pieces and be set free.

It sounds so spiritual to say I am resting on the Word of God to help me. But when the temptations hit, how deep is the faith when it comes to DOING what His Word says? For example, Jesus said that if He sets us free then we are truly free. Yes free from hell and free from sin. And free from this and free from that. But when I start to entangle myself up in overeating and bingeing and lusting after this food or that food do I hold onto my faith that I can be set free from all that? Or is it just words I say?

Just what is the quality of my faith walk?

Do I stand on faith and refuse to ride the food struggle train or do I give in? Which action do I do? How much is my faith going to hold up that God can, and will step in and give me the escape from the situation? In times past I’ve just put my faith aside, decided I would just give in and try harder tomorrow.
Hebrews 11:6 it tells me that God is a REWARDER of those who seek Him. One version adds the word “diligently” seek Him. Do I? Do I believe what it says? I go to God, tell Him I am struggling big time, stay with Him and pray out His Word and His truth, put faith in the Word that He will reward my coming with the strength to battle through. Believing He will is one thing, but to then take that and stand. Stand on the Word that the reward will come as I believe and not give in. After all, faith WITHOUT works is dead.

I need to do the coming. And believing. Build my faith. Fix it on Him and believe believe believe that He will, and He can, enable me to stand on those verses of His Word that I need for that present moment. And submit. I must submit in the moment. It might be hard to hold on tight, but faith says I can. And so I will.

Do I come to God in faith believing He can provide everything I need to gain the victory over food addiction and overeating? My actions will be the answer.