Who Found Who? (The Answer Will Surprise You)

Did The Lord Find Me Or Did I Find The Lord?…

Since I came to Christ around 2 years ago, I have held to a common misperception of how exactly I came to the Lord.  I am sure that many of you have heard some say that they found Jesus.  While others say that the Lord found them.  I too, fell into the category of those who believed or perceived that the Lord found me.  But, in a moment, let’s dissect this a bit more by pointing out one of the Lord’s magnificent characteristics.  His Omniscience!


You see, when speaking to others, whether fellow Christians or non-Christians, I had always made it a point of emphasis to state that although many will claim that they found the Lord, it is actually the Lord Who finds us.  Though recently I was having a fascinating conversation with a dear fellow Christian who also happens to be my nephew and a faithful follower and servant of the Lord.  He is a Spirit-filled pastor and has been so for about 25 years now.  This brother in Christ has such a love and passion for the Lord! 

Lost & Found?…

During this conversation we were discussing who finds who in terms of the moment one comes to Christ.  The conversation actually began when I told him that I truly believed that the Lord found me.  After hearing me out, he so eloquently proceeded to give me a different, but much more concrete perspective about his belief on how one comes to the Lord.  It is quite a simple premise but yet many of us who have been born again might not realize it.


So this is what he told me…”If you really think about it, it is neither we who find God, nor is it God who finds us.”  He went on to explain that God finding us implies that God lost us in the first place.  Or that finding God implies that God is hiding from us.  So let’s think about it for a second.  God is omniscient.  Meaning that He is an all-knowing God.  He could never lose anyone or anything that He has created.  He has never lost sight of any of us.  Rather, it is us who turn away or run from the Lord Jesus through either our rejection of Him or perhaps because of arrogance or pride.  We may be kept from Him through our inability or refusal to humble ourselves or through our conscious or subconscious rebellion against Him.  Meanwhile, He continues to patiently wait for each of us to turn to Him in dependence on Him just as a child depends on his or her Father.  Folks, this is the way He designed us.

The Lord Is Not Hiding, Nor Has He Lost Sight Of Us…

In conclusion, I now strongly believe that the Lord neither finds us nor do we find the Lord.  Although these are popular beliefs, they do not make for very accurate explanations of how each of us comes to the Lord.  It is the Lord who patiently waits for us to come to Him.  We so often run away from the Lord Jesus Christ when all along His desire has been for us to run toward Him.  His arms are wide open, waiting patiently.  But a time may come when it may be too late.  If you have not yet made that life changing choice, then accept the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, into your heart and soul today!  Repent and receive Him and His gift of eternal life through His death on the cross and His resurrection on the third day!


All honor and glory and praise to the One Who reigns on high, the Lord of lords and King of kings, Jesus Christ!

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