Umbrella Academy: Season Two – Review

The Umbrella Academy is a strange show. Very strange. The only thing like it is the Doom Patrol. But I like it.

At the end of the last season, the Umbrella Academy had inadvertently triggered the end of the world. Their only chance of escape was to go back in time. They found themselves in Dallas, in the same alley, appearing each in a different year of the 1960s.

The dysfunctional family of last season was just as dysfunctional this season. Not only that, but going back in time brought the end of the world with them. They must work together to try and save the world. Again.

There was a lot more character development this season, as we got to know the members of this family. There were also lots of fight scenes, some bigger than others, but all fun.

There were plenty of twists and turns as we figure out who is who in the supporting cast. No one is who they seem.

There were was plenty of philosophical reflection, as by trying to save the world, they keep putting the world in danger. All that and the paradox of time travel.

Not everyone will like Umbrella Academy. It can get quite crude. But it definitely kept my interest and the cliffhanger of a season finale has me looking for more.


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