The Final Lessons From Ravi Zacharias to the Church

Over the decades, Ravi Zacharias did much to benefit the Church. He was an ambassador for apologetics worldwide and created a world class apologetics organization. He showed people that you didn’t have to check your brain at the door. As his show said: “Let My People Think.”

Sadly, there was another part of Zacharias’s legacy, one of sexual abuse and misconduct. For a time, many in the apologetics community wanted to believe that these claims were false. But now, even RZIM is acknowledging that it looks as if Zacharias did these things.

I have been challenged many times by Christians about why I talk about this and share these allegations. “The man is dead, let him rest in peace.”

So why should we talk about them? The number one reason is for the sake of his victims. Imagine if it was your sister or daughter that was one of the victims. Would you want them to sweep it under the carpet?

Lessons From Ravi Zacharias

But there is another reason. Ravi Zacharias dedicated his life to educating the Christian community and equipping us for the truth. That legacy is continuing.

The lessons that Zacharias is now teaching us, lessons that we need to share, are some of the hardest lessons of his career.

  1. Anyone can fall into moral and sexual sin. There is not a certain level of Christian status that puts us beyond temptation. In fact status may may it more tempting, because some will submit to authority. We are all vulnerable and need to be watchful and careful.
  2. Everything that is secret will be revealed. This is why we should not leave this issue alone just because Zacharias has died. That would send the message that some secrets can remain secrets. We all need to be reminded that all that we think we do in secret will eventually come to light.
  3. Our sin is like a virus that spreads with deadly effect. We don’t see the impact of our sin. The immediate victims were those women that Zacharias used. But then there was also their families. And there is also Zacharias’s family, which I can’t imagine what they are going through. There is RZIM which now is experiencing crisis of credibility. Then there are those who inspired by the work of Zacharias. What about those who came to faith through the ministry of Ravi Zacharias? What are they to think of now?

What Do We Do With This?

The point of all this is not to drag Zacharias through the mud or shame his family. The point, besides justice for his family, is that we learn from Ravi Zacharias once again. These were costly lessons and we dare not ignore them. Reflect deeply upon them in your own life and ministry.


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