Food. The struggle is real. The devil is real. Defeat and/or victory is real. I can be going along doing so great, and then out of the blue temptations come. Or worse, feeling quite proud of myself that “I’m doing it” and I have arrived at a perpetual state of victory only to find myself back to bad eating habits and wondering why I can’t stop.
No-one knows when the temptations are going to strike. Sometimes it comes quickly, and other times the desire to overeat and to binge begins to take hold slowly. The old crafty devil knows how to push my buttons. He tries an arsenal of things to try and get me to descend into a day, or a week, or a month of overeating and bingeing. 

The devil sows his seeds of sabotage where he knows they will grow strongest. Seed words like:

  • defeat – you won’t ever be free
  • doubt – in God to help, and in myself to rise above it
  • detour – it’s ok to go back into roads already left behind and do the same things again
  • dessert – it’s better than obedience
  • deceive – the devil is the master when it comes to deceiving me that it’s ok to disobey God

God sows His seeds of success when I submit to Him and stop being influenced by the devil. Seed words like:

  • deliver – God is able to make me free
  • doer – be a doer of the Word and not just a hearer
  • discipline – let God do it because He loves me and wants the best for me
  • daily – give my eating to Him every single day
  • deny – deny my flesh because God has something better in store
  • defeat – the battle with the devil and overeating CAN be won

There is a battle going on between my flesh and my spirit. Everyday I have a choice. Everyday I can make my spirit man stronger and my flesh man weaker. I do that by submitting to God and resisting the devil.


  • to place in an orderly fashion
  • primarily a military term, “to rank under”
  • verb tense: a command for doing something in the future that is a simple action combined with the subject as receiving the action of the verb


  • “to set against”; to withstand, oppose, resist
  • verb tense: a command for doing something in the future that is a simple action
The Bible puts it plainly that there is to be a choice and an action on my part to do two things: to submit my will and my life to God, and to actively resist the devil and his influence over my life. Overeating is an area the devil loves to deceive me that it’s ok to do. NO MORE!