The Big Question – Review

Everyone knows that science and religion contradict each other. They are enemies. Or are they?

Alister McGrath, in his book The Big Question, examines the relationship between Christianity and science.

This book is not so much a book of Christian apologetics, although it includes apologetics value.

Rather it is an apologetic for people to see that both science and Christianity can be embraced, they are not contradictory but complimentary.

McGrath is the right person to write a book like this as ne began as a scientist before becoming a theologian.

Much of the book includes a rebuttal of the New Atheism, which seeks to demonstrate that science disproves Christianity. McGrath soundly destroys those arguments.

The one thing I didn’t like is that McGrath was quick to dismiss any role for design in biology. He advocates for theistic religion, which I knew, but I’m not convinced that design has to be completely rejected by those who accept evolution.

I enjoyed reading the book as McGrath combines scientific theory, Christian theology and personal experience.

If you have an interest or background in science and you are trying to figure out how Christian fits, I recommend The Big Question.


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