Terminator: Dark Fate – Review

The first two Terminator movies were classics of science fiction action movies. They produced phrases that are still a part of our speech, even if some people don’t know where they came from.

And then there were more movies. Some of them were okay. They had their moments even if they didn’t live up to the first two.

Terminator Dark Fate

That’s where Terminator: Dark Fate came from. The terrible future of Skynet was prevented. There was hope for the human race. But then a new and just as terrifying future took its place.

The movie starts with young John Connor being killed by an Arnold Schwarzenegger terminator. That was the original goal of the terminators but now it didn’t matter as the future that he led the rebellion for no longer existed.

The new future had its own terminators and one comes back to kill someone who will lead the new rebellion. Just as with the other movies, a protector is also sent back, this time an augmented soldier of the future.

This leads to a team up with a bitter old Sarah Connor and the cyborg and eventually the terminator that killed John. The conflict between the generations was kind of fun. It just needed accusations of “boomer” and “millennial.”

There was plenty of plot holes and things that just didn’t make sense. But it was still the closest thing to the first two movies that we have had. There was good action and some great lines for Schwarzenegger. He may be getting too old for these movies but he was still the best part of the movie.

I hope that this is the end of the Terminator movies. They have been fun to watch but there is no more story to tell. Let’s leave it here.


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