When David came out to meet Goliath (1 Samual 17) who was the small one and who was the giant? Who won the battle? We know who it was – small David slew big Goliath!
What can I learn from David’s encounter with Goliath that can help me?
The scene is set – two opposing armies have gathered on the open plain ready to battle with each other (1 Samual 17:1-3). The Philistines had a champion: Goliath, who towered head and shoulders above everyone else. He was mighty. He was threatening. He was imposing. He was scary! (17: 4-7, 24).

Everyday for 40 days he taunted the Israelites. (verses 8-11,16). No-one dared take up the Goliath challenge.

Until …..

David arrived on the scene. Young. Faithful. Believing. Declaring that as God delivered him from the bear and the lion while looking after his father’s sheep, so God will also deliver him from Goliath (v 37). Such were the bold statements of David.
I know the rest of the account. With 5 smooth stones (of which he only needed one, verse 49), the enemy came crashing down and was dead (verses 50-51).

Before killing him David spoke boldly to Goliath (verses 45-47) declaring:

  • He comes against Goliath in the name of the LORD of Hosts (v 45
  • God would deliver him into his hand. And he would strike him down and take off his head (v 46)
  • All the earth would know there was a God in Israel (v 46
  • That the battle was the LORD’s (v 47

Food addiction and overeating used to be my Goliath. Day after day I let food talk out loudly to me – come and eat me. But God was greater than my giant. Like David, I needed to take my stand and defiantly declare the Word of God in, over and at my giant, just like David did. He stepped out in faith. I needed to step out in faith. It wasn’t like that for years, but now I stand on the Word and continue my victory over overeating. 
The battle is God’s. Like David I needed to stand by the name of God, the Word of God and the belief for deliverance like David did. Who knows what God can do in us and for us if we battle gluttony with Him rather than try and fix it on our own or by doing nothing. To God be the glory.