Shug…My Steps of Faith 2021-02-13 02:14:00

Looks like a Greenhouse inside our HOME!   


Believe me, I’m not complaining, because I know that so many of you deal with these kind of temperatures all winter long…..But, just look at our Temps for the next week… ↓

This is totally not normal for TEXAS!!!!  Y’all, we were in 70’s just last week and here we are today at 29 degrees.  See those circled lows of 4,2 and 15….This is extremely low for our area and we are not prepared for these kind of lows.  

We have lemon trees, grapefruit trees, orange trees, elephant ears and more….spread out through the house.  Guess it will be this way until maybe next weekend.   It could easily be in the 70’s again by that time.  

Sam’s big lemon tree is loaded with lemons and for this reason, we had to do something in order to keep the fruit from freezing …OR THE TREE ITSELF!!

Many of the electric lines in our area run through wooded areas, so I am sure praying that with the amount of ice and snow that is in the forecast, we will not have power outages!!!

Everyone stay WARM.  Looks like this winter storm will moving through the Tennessee valley area and further up North.  

Electric Blankets ✓

Hot Coffee ✓

Groceries to cook warm comfort foods ✓

Gloves, Warm Clothes, Boots, Coat ✓

Heat in the Fireplace ✓

Pipes all wrapped ✓

Bird food out ✓

Water ✓

TV, Books, Computer, Bible ✓

I think we are good…….   Pray that we don’t lose Power!!