Shug…My Steps of Faith 2020-11-12 01:47:00

Well….My last post was all about the beautiful golden yellow trees, and all about Fall.   I think there were a couple of pictures from the Christmas store in Branson, included in the post.  

Here I am today…..Posting a couple of Christmas pictures.  🎄👀

    As much as I love Christmas and I love decorating……I just simply have not been excited about it this year.   I honestly think I’ve been prolonging getting all the decorations out of storage, because my Christmas spirit has not arrived yet.  

I did decorate this tree yesterday, but I just wanted to be done with it before I even got started.

However…My sweet Sam, took the day off in order to help me get the trees set up.  He sent me a text on Monday, saying that he was going to take the day and spend it helping ME.

How could I not get this tree decorated??

This tree is not fully done, but maybe by tomorrow, my Vitamin B12 will kick in and I can focus on the completion.  

This is actually a wall hanging!  I’m looking up at it (backwards) while taking this picture.  


We haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet!!
The ol’ Turkey is getting left out this year.

Speaking of Turkey’s….I’m sure most of you saw on TV that the Greenberg Turkey Company had an explosion at the TURKEY place this past weekend.  I ALWAYS buy a Greenberg Turkey, both for Thanksgiving and Christmas.   

This place is only about 15 miles from us, and I always try to go early to avoid having to stand in line.  The Greenberg Turkey was on Oprah Winfrey’s “Favorite things” list.   Certainly NOT the reason why I buy them….!!!   THESE SMOKED TURKEYS ARE AWESOME!!!

But…NO Greenberg this year!!

I’ll be sure to post Christmas decorating photos as soon as I can make myself gather a little 

Ho, Ho, Ho!