See What This Friend’s Sign Says That Moves Him To Tears

When Danny Kolzow was diagnosed with Alport syndrome, a hereditary disease that causes kidney damage, he began looking for a kidney donor to save his life. Unable to find a suitable donor and running out of time, his friend Graham MacMillan offered to give him one of his healthy kidneys. This kind of selflessness in action is the stuff heroes are made of. We might not all be given the opportunity to save our friend’s life like Graham was, but selfless acts of kindness do not all have to be heroic. A simple act of kindness or a kind gesture can mean the world to a person. Our ability to make a difference in a person’s life is what God calls us all to do. Graham MacMillan serves as a reminder of this fact and is a shinning example for us all.

Danny Kolzow 23 on left, receives a new kidney from his friend, Graham McMillan, 24.
Courtesy Claire McMillan