Ryker Eugene- 6 Months


The Facts:

– Photos this month were hard because all you wanted to do was roll over and nuzzle with the bear and chair. You also have a small scratch on your forehead from the challenging event of getting a shirt up over your big noggin.

– You love your baby food.  You now eat two of the 4oz packages a day, one for lunch and one for dinner. 


– You can sit on your own for short periods of time.

– You love to roll around and are pretty mobile now.  You can roll across the room pretty quickly.

– You have still been waking up about once a night.  I think it is because of some congestion.  Last night you slept through the night while sitting up in your seat.  I sure hope you do well on vacation in the pack and play each night!


– There are times you get so excited to see me that you wrap both your arms around my neck and nuzzle your face in me.  It is one of my favorite things!


– You are standing on up your legs more and more lately (while we hold you of course.)

– Your skin may be darker like Bryn’s but you still have the dry eczema patches that Zella gets.

– You are constantly chewing on your fingers and will sometimes even suck on them.

– You love to blow bubbles out of your mouth. Your sisters constantly tell you that your shouldn’t be spitting.


Ryker, you are such a joy to be around.  We love you so very, very much!!