The Facts:

– You are constantly talking and surprising us with what you know how to say.  Your new favorite phrase is “because, that’s why.”  You repeat what we are saying all the time and it is hilarious. You ask about everything around you constantly and are often pointing things out.  Such a little sponge.


– You have a new found love for “that people”/“the guy”  aka the neighbor.  You are constantly watching to see if he is on the mower. 

– You have four teeth coming in right now.  You are constantly chewing on your fingers. Which is fun during the COVID-19 pandemic where everyone is freaked out about germs. Smile


– You are so rotten. You do things you know are wrong because you think it is funny.  Mostly this consists of playing with your food when you are done eating.  You definitely like to be the funny guy and look for a reaction, especially from your sisters.

– You still do a great job playing alone by yourself but prefer to play with your sisters.  This often means playing “house” with them.  The other day you and Zella had “our first weeding!” You wore a “dress” and, as Zella claimed, got a baby for your weeding.


– You love to learn and sing new songs.  Your new, current favorite is “If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops.”

– You are finally doing better sleeping through the night.  We still give you soy milk at school just to be safe but you are back on regular milk at home.  Every once in awhile you still “wake-up” crying in your crib but I no longer think it is related to tummy troubles.


– You hate vegetables.  We can usually get you to eat corn and sometimes raw carrots but that is about it.  Even if we hide veggies in food, you typically find them and spit them out.

– You love to be outside! Riding bikes and playing ball makes you so happy.  You also love looking at the different birds and animals in our yard.


– You are such an animal lover! You have never met a dog that you didn’t like. You are constantly curling up next to Bentley and laying all over him. He usually enjoys the attention.  Roxy on the other hand doesn’t even like it when you are next to her.

-If you can’t tell from your pictures.  You LOVE pockets and are constantly putting your hands in pockets of pants and jackets.


Ryker Eugene, you are such a doll baby.  We love you so very much and I can’t imagine our family without you.  You are oh-so loving and silly.  I hope you always stay our little man.