Ryker Eugene- 10 Months


The Facts:

– You have started crawling and are slowly phasing out the army crawl.

– You can pull yourself up to things now and move maneuver around a little bit.


– You love to be standing up to things.

– You also love to climb the stairs.  Every chance you get, you take off for them and head up.  You know your not supposed to too because you look around to see if anyone is watching and smile. 


– I hate to say that your ear infections have not slowed down at all and you (finally) have an appointment next week to get tubes put in. We are hoping this will stop the vicious rounds of antibiotics we have been doing.


– You enjoy biting and pulling hair.  Your sisters are slowly learning of the dangers of getting in your face.

– You are a meat eater.  You aren’t big on fruits and veggies but will devour your protein just about every night.


Little man, you keep us so very busy but we love it.  You are just precious and so incredibly happy.  I could listen to your laugh all day long! 

Happy 10 months!