What a gorgeous day it has been…….What made the day even better, was all of my kiddos hanging around.   Tori is home from College Station, Tyler and his family are here from California, and Trey, Trista & Shanda stopped by after school, & our granddaughter-in-laws mom was here!   Did I mention that the weather was perfect?  It was!  

This little guy/gal stopped by too.   Actually, Keelan found him/her in the pool and decided that he/she needed to become his pet.    

There was a slight breeze out on the porch, and it felt so very nice.  We must have sat out there for a few hours.  All we needed was a bushel basket of peas to shell, and our afternoon would have been just like the good ol’ days.  

Sitting around enjoying one another’s company, while being productive.  

What a GREAT Day it was!

I’ll leave you all with these funny pictures of me……..made from snapchat…

Snapchat can be quite fun……..  LOL