My Top 5 Most Memorable and/or Inspirational Movie Scenes

I wouldn’t consider myself a movie buff, but I do enjoy movies quite a bit. And over the years there have been a few movie scenes that have stuck with me. Here are my current Top 5 Most Memorable and/or Inspirational Movie Scenes.

1.Bruce Almighty – This scene depicts what LOVE truly means and moves me every time I see it.

2. The Great Debaters – This debate scene stirs up something in me and my eyes well up each and every time I watch this powerful performance by Junree Smollett.

3. Steel Magnolias – The scene after the funeral of Shelby, M’Lynn’s daughter, is so raw and emotional, I cry every time I watch it. Sally Field is a wonderful actress.

4. My Cousin Vinny Marissa Tomei’s scene on the witness stand was one that I have always loved. Hope you enjoy this as well. She was the reluctant witness (the girlfriend of the defendant’s attorney) who no one imagined she would have the knowledge she did.

5. Rocky Balboa – This inspirational scene from my old buddy, Rocky is a powerful reminder that life isn’t easy and we need to always keep moving forward. A mantra I used daily.

What are some of your favorite movie scenes?

Leave them in the comments, please.