The last time I saw you I was 12
Gone are the years now who can tell?
25 years since you have gone, 
Looking back, memories are found.

Sweet moments of fun & laughter you shared
you gave us the best and taught how to care.
Lessons I’ve learned are valuable and true
“Do to others what you would have them do to you”

So thank you for being a father to me
your presence is missed and sometimes my heart grieves
But when I look above I know someone sees
A heavenly Father who bestows His love and infinite mercy

21st April 1995, a night that turned our lives upside down. The news of our father’s demise and how we were never gonna see him again. I don’t remember crying that night, but as years went by I realize how the absence of a person can change everything. But all glory to the Lord above who kept me & my family under His constant care and unfailing love.