Love. What a word. God love. Man and woman love. Parent love. Neighbour love. Our love. Our love for God. Our love for our spouse. Our love for our children. Our love for others. Our love for  ………..  ourselves.

Why is it hard to love ourselves? Why don’t we do more of it? A part of it is because we’re told to love God first, others second and ourselves last. But somewhere along the way we don’t make room for enough love for ourselves. We’re scared it’s selfish to give time to ourselves.

My body. Owned by God. Damaged from overeating. Looking like it could do with an overhaul. Needing attention. Needing to be loved back to good health. My eating. Needing constant work. Put under God’s control

By loving ourselves we will:

  • Forget past failures and begin anew with grace and determination
  • Stop abusing our bodies by overeating
  • Forgive ourselves when we mess up
  • Remember who we are in Christ
  • Remember we are fearfully and wonderfully made
  • Remember we have been bought with a price
  • Stop talking negatively about ourselves and start talking to the Lord instead
  • Stop procrastinating about looking after ourselves better
  • Remember we are each a child of God and therefore seated right where we need to be

I will love myself to obedience, surrender, humility and accepting God’s grace in my life. He will do the work in me as I love Him, love others and love myself. It doesn’t mean I’m forever obsessing about myself or my body. It means that I treat it the same way I’d treat anyone else – with consideration, care, love, concern and kindness.

Am I loving myself back to better health?