Little Girl Walks Up To A Table Of Police Officers, And What She Asks For? Surprises Them All!

When eight-year-old Paige Vazquez walked up to a table of police officers and asked them if she could pray for them they were surprised by her request. With all the trauma, conflicts, and hassles police deal with on a daily basis her kind gesture must have been a pleasant surprise. Paige’s timing was perfect as the officers were also grieving the loss of one of their fellow officers so it turned out this was just what they needed. As we all know our Lord delivers us help when we need it most, and it always comes in His own unique and awesome way. Paige’s prayers certainly were answered as she obviously has faith. We really liked how she openly and freely shared her faith in Jesus. People need to know about Jesus now more than ever. What she did also brought to light the fact that we should always pray for each other, and especially for our police and civil servants because they serve us and need all the help they can get. When we pray for them in the end we all benefit.