Knowing The Holy Spirit (2)


Knowing The Holy Spirit (2)

“The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen.” (2 Corinthians 13:14)

Through the Holy Spirit we can constantly move from ‘where the Lord used to be’ to ‘where He is’. That was what He did with the apostles, who used to refer to Christ in the past tense, at least not until the Spirit came to them and revealed Christ in them in the ever continuous present tense. Just like that, He keeps us fresh in the glories of the presence of God; even as we continually bask in the awesome realities of the Godhead He leads us to experience.

That’s what the theme scripture says; by the fellowship of the Spirit with us now, we can fully understand and experience the grace of Christ and the love of God continually. Remember, He is called the Spirit of Christ as well as the Spirit of God because they are One Triune Being; and so there’s no better way to know the Father and Son better than through His communion.

Now, what does communion mean?

First, it represents fellowship. This suggests we need Him to be whom we were meant to be. Consider the picture of a flower and soil. They are in fellowship one with another. As a result, the soil supplies the flower with water and all the essential nutrients to stay blossoming. Take out the flower from the soil and it will fade away in time. It needs the partnership to survive. And so do we, as it relates to the Holy Spirit. He helps us find and practice our essence in Christ.

The second is intimacy. We can never experience the deep love of Christ until we come to know Him. Recall that He’s the one who reveals the Father’s love in our hearts, and helps us practice that love one with another. And as our lover, He also comforts and protects us; and helps us love God as well.

Third, it represents friendship. The Holy Spirit wants to be our friend- our confidant and companion. He wants to know everything you are up to just as a close friend would. Understand that He isn’t just here to help us demonstrate the power of God, but also to commune the person of God with us. And so when Jesus called Him our Standby- Advocate, and says He will never leave us as orphans, He was speaking from this point of view as an ever present companion.

Fourth, it means leadership. He wants to guide us. His responsibility is to lead us to the fullness of the Godhead, and so instructs us in that direction; as such revealing that He is the master of our ship. He was there to direct Paul and the other apostles on where to go and when to go, and He is still here to help us with the same. However, He must be allowed to rule in your personal affairs and space. He is gentle, and so never forces His way; rather He knocks and whoever responds He gladly leads.

In short, He wants to be your partner, your intimate companion, your friend and your leader; and if you desire the kind of life of victory Jesus had on the earth, then you must also seek the same of Him.


Gentle Holy Spirit of the Father and of Christ, I submit myself to know you more. I know you are here to lead into all truth, and to guide me that Christ might be glorified. So, I ask that you help me every day of my life to grow in your grace and the knowledge of God Almighty, in Jesus Name. Amen.