Sugar. Sugar addiction. Can’t live without sugar. All things sugar. There is an attraction to sugar. It’s used to make so many goodies – cakes, cookies, ice cream, candy, pastries, tarts, did I mention cakes and more cakes – the list is endless. Sugar is certainly one easy to love a commodity.

Salt. Cheese. Pizza. A packet of this. A bowl of that. There is an array of things we can’t resist. Fast food. Eating out. Dessert. All there and all tempting me to not just have a little, but to indulge to my heart’s content. Yummy food that one loves to hold in the hand, put in the mouth and just be lost in every delicious mouthful. Forever beckoning and so easy to say yes to.

Obedience. Ummm ….. not so easy to love. Harder to swallow. A constant on-the-ball activity. But isn’t obedience the one way to have joy, peace, reward and a sweet life?

If I obey God with my eating what will happen?

Obedience results in:

  • pleasing God
  • peace within
  • joy
  • all the outward noticeables like smaller me, more energy, feeling healthier
  • positive mindset
  • smiling on the inside and the outside

It is one thing to tell myself every morning that I will obey. I will exercise self-control. But the day starts and before I know it I have not kept to my resolve. Or I am “good” for a day, or even a week and then “it” happens. 

How do I get off the merry-go-round? It’s the heart’s choice to say “I will obey” and if need be, be like Joseph and remove myself from the temptation. Joseph knew what was the right thing to do. He didn’t think about talking himself into having sex with his Mistress. He ran. He stated that he would not disobey. And he ran. Right out of there and away from the temptation. There is a lesson in this in Joseph’s life for me (Genesis 39:7-12).

  • don’t hang around and let me talk myself into saying it’s ok to overeat
  • get away from the temptation as fast as I can
  • realise that God has called me to obey in the area of self-control
  • just – do – what – is – right

Yes, obedience is absolutely worth it, and the results are much sweeter than all the sugar in the world!