Gotham: Season Five – Review

The fifth season of Gotham was also its last. There was a lot of pressure on this season as it needed to bring us from a teenage Bruce to the Batman. I thought it did a good job.


At the end of the previous season, the bridges to Gotham were blown by Jerome. This left Gotham completely isolated. While many had evacuated, others were trapped, with Gotham’s crime lords taking over various sections of Gotham.

Jim Gordon is the only one who is available to give leadership. Thankfully Bruce Wayne is still in Gotham and is able to make a difference. This is a good thing as the government refuses to help the isolated and crime ridden season.

This season did a number of things. It set up the development of Selena Kyle (Catwoman) and Jerome (Joker). I especially liked how Jerome transformed into the Joker. It also introduced Bane, who was a little too close to the Bane of the movies.

There were a number of problems. One is the tone of the series. It is a mix of the 1960s Batman and the Christopher Nolan Batman movies. Gotham sometimes struggled to know what end of the spectrum it was.

There was also the development of Bruce. Bruce was becoming a dark and hard fighting vigilante. Not good for a secret identity.

I was starting to get annoyed with the dead people who kept coming back to life. Then I remembered that is exactly what happens in the comics.

The final episode fast forwards ten years. Bruce has been gone from Gotham and is now returning. We do not see him as an adult, but we do see his altar ego. I thought it was very well done, even if many were disappointed. It made me wish the series continued with this Batman.

Overall Gotham was a good series. Some episodes and seasons were better than others. But it did what it was designed to: getting us from the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne in an alley to the birth of the Batman.


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