Good News: Six Months is Over!

When people ask me how I’m doing during COVID-19, they usually are asking about health, finances or church. But when I think of this pandemic, I think of six months of not being able to see our two oldest children.

Logan and Abby live in a group home 1.5 hours away from us. Because such residential contexts are so vulnerable, they had to put up pretty strict measures. Some families have been upset about this but we see the group home as putting safety first.

Technically we could have seen them earlier, but there were physical distancing requirements. Logan and Abby are nonverbal and so we can’t have conversations across the room. Much of our communication is through hugs and that just couldn’t happen.


But this past Saturday we finally had our visit with Logan and Abby. They were able to come to our house once we had answered questions and had our temperatures taken.

I can’t explain what it was like to see them again. It seemed like the longest six months in the world. To be able to hug them and sit around a table with them was so good.

I’m glad that the group home kept them safe but I’m also glad we got to see them. Let’s pray that a potential second wave doesn’t stop future visits.

But for now, we have held our children and that is Good News!


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