Good News: Regimental Leadership

Among my various roles, I am also one of the chaplains (padres) at the Lincoln and Welland Regiment. I absolutely love being a part of the regiment as I get to work with some talented men and women.

Like every other area of our world, regimental activity was hit hard by COVID-19. We are a reserve unit, meaning our people are either students or employees at other places and only can train one night per week and one weekend per month.

What does that look like when we are seeking to slow the spread of COVID-19 by limiting the number of people in enclosed spaces?

First, I will say that the Canadian Armed Forces is taking COVID-19 extremely seriously.

Secondly, the leadership of our particular unit has worked hard and creatively to make sure that we can continue to train effectively and safely.

I have been very impressed by our leadership, commissioned and non-commissioned, in how they have adapted and pivoted to make things work.

I’m thankful for all that they have done and once again I’m proud to be a part of the Lincoln and Welland Regiment.


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